Who We Are

This important project aims to enhance estuarine resiliency by implementing large scale restoration initiatives for seagrass and clam populations in three of Florida’s most valuable estuaries: Tampa Bay, Sarasota Bay, and Charlotte Harbor. These estuaries are currently at risk of unprecedented, rapid declines in water quality due to algae blooms including red tide, urban runoff, and industrial point source pollution.

Our Vision

The solution to improving water quality along the Suncoast depends on achieving two things:

  1. Stopping the alarming flow of pollutants entering our waterways
  2. Cleaning up the excess nutrients that are already there

Our Mission

Restoring seagrass and high-density clam sites while creating avenues for commercial fishing communities to become more involved with environmental restoration.

Issues We Plan to Address

  • Environmental degradation of beaches and air quality issues resulting from Red Tide, which in turn may negatively affect tourism and local quality of life
  • The economic impact of Red Tide on restaurants, hotels, and other businesses across the Greater Sarasota/Tampa Bay region
  • Increased hospital and medical costs from the respiratory impacts of Red Tide
  • Negative impacts on the fishing industry from Red Tide
  • Drinking water quality impacts from blue-green